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Agricultural engineering

Die Agrartechnik-Industrie liefert Maschinen und Anlagen für den weltweit wachsenden Bedarf an Nahrungsmitteln. Wir sind stolz darauf mit unseren Lagern diesen Industriebereich unterstützen zu können.


The automotive industry has been faced with new and more complex challenges for years. Our bearings help to secure production and create space for development.

Conveyance systems

Speed. Safety. Reliability. What is important for transportation systems is also a prerequisite for us to be successful.


In times of energy revolution, the requirements in this area are increasing. Wind power in particular is built on reliable large bearings from the AWT Germany brand.

Maritime applications

Through our many years of experience in the maritime environment we understand the specific needs as well as the different applications of our customers from this sector.

Mechanical engineering and plant engineering

With its technical expertise, management and know-how, the German construction industry is one of the world's best. AWT Germany bearings fits this purpose.


Demographic change is driving this industry to grow. Here, too, we provide quality and comprehensive service in order to keep our customers free for research and expansion.


AWT bearings prove their worth in the economic extraction of raw materials in the mining sector. We supply reliable and high-quality products with high availability for opencast mining and underground construction.

Rail traffic / railway technology

Our customers in the field of rail transport are subject to a constantly pressure of growing innovation and to avoid growing costs. We offer quality at reasonable prices.