Company and environment policy

Quality and environmentally conscious with simultaneous consideration of work safety and the right use of resources, creates trust, long-term partnerships, reliability and innovation: We hit the nail on the head!

We see "quality, safety and environmental protection" as an unconditional prerequisite for our economic success.

The constantly growing requirements of the bearing market gives us the chance to improve permanently our quality and quality assurance and we have decided to implement an integrated management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001 and DIN EN ISO 45001.

The system is used to identify risks and potential faults throughout the company, analyze their causes, and prevent the occurrence of errors by appropriate measures. In this way, we are able to provide high-quality products with fair market prices to our customers.

Each activity is linked to the use of natural resources. We make every effort to keep the environmental impact as low as possible. We use the best available technology as far as it is economically justifiable. We regard compliance with the legal framework as a minimum standard and a starting point for a continuous improvement process.

We commit ourselves to a high safety standard. The health and safety of our employees is also a high-priority task for us to maintain and promote work satisfaction.

Beginning at the stage of sales, construction, purchasing, production, service and disposal, we take account of quality, safety and environmental protection at all stages of the product life cycle. Only with this comprehensive approach we are able to meet the complex requirements of these areas. The acquisition of energy-efficient products and services is generally observed by purchasing employees. Energy-efficient products and services are favored from an economic point of view.

For us, quality means to produce products that provide the desired functions with flawless and functional reliability over the intended lifetime. If this claim does not meet, unacceptable costs for our customers and for us would occur. The standard of our quality is defined by the customer.

The tasks and responsibilities are clearly defined for internal implementation. The essential recurring procedures are defined in the management documentation (integrated manual management, procedural instructions, checklists and form sheets). Internal audits regularly check the functionality of the system, but also compliance with the legal framework and the achievement of objectives.

The sensitivity to quality, environmental protection and work safety is promoted in all areas of the company. This is achieved through our comprehensive training concept, which also highlights the connections between the mentioned aspects and the economic significance for our company.

We monitor the impact of our activities on the environment, the neighborhood and our employees with the aim of taking the necessary actions in time. The necessary measuring instruments and machine equipment correspond to the state of the art and are regularly calibrated, repaired and maintained.

We provide safe and healthy working conditions to prevent work accidents and work-related illnesses.

There is good communication with the responsible authorities. This also applies to the behavior in case of possible accident-related effects. We are committed to an open dialogue with all stakeholders (e.g. customers, neighbors, associations, authorities, fire brigades, suppliers, service providers, etc.).

We want to convince our contract partners, within the scope of our possibilities, of the benefits of early and comprehensive consideration of the environment, quality, occupational health and safety and will apply corresponding requirements in the selection and evaluation.

Our customers are informed about the environmental relevance of our products and services as well as the environmentally friendly handling.

The focus of all activities ensure us that all quality management, environmental and labor safety measures are implemented for long term so as to rule out the occurrence of faults, environmental impacts and accidents.

The management is responsible for the introduction, maintenance and regular assessment of company policy and the integrated management system.

Euerbach, 01.02.2017
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Jürgen Marx
Managing Director